The Hudson Valley’s environment and quality of life will be directly affected by the construction of New York’s energy highway.

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New York State’s electric grid is in dire need of repair. Governor Andrew Cuomo has identified this issue as a key priority for the state, and he has laid out an ambitious vision for rebuilding New York’s energy infrastructure. Unfortunately, the one proposal under consideration that addresses the concerns of residents is being shortchanged by Department of Public Service staff. A recent DPS staff report included a number of striking errors in judgement, misaligned priorities, and questionable assumptions that should be corrected so the best choice can be made.

The Leeds Path West project is the only option that will provide the needed energy capacity within the existing right-of-way envelope and without massive new construction. There is still time for the PSC to choose the best option for Hudson Valley residents and the environment—Boundless Energy Leeds Path West.

Key Points

  • The Boundless Energy Leeds Path West (LPW) project delivers on the Governor’s vision for an Energy Highway at a fraction of the cost of its leading competitors and with minimal impact to Hudson Valley residents.
  • Among four proposals under consideration, the Leeds Path West project is the only one that meets the state’s goals for easing the transmission congestion in the energy pipeline within the existing right-of-way envelope.
  • When there is already an identified need to invest $30 billion to modernize New York State’s existing infrastructure, it makes no sense to pass on even more cost to consumers to pay for additional new construction. Leeds Path West is the only proposal that delivers the required capacity without massive new construction.
  • The arbitrary decision by DPS staff to ignore the state’s own guidelines will negatively impact Hudson Valley residents and the surrounding environment, and their failure to address significant long term issues will lead directly to avoidable rate increases for local consumers.
  • The Boundless Energy Leeds Path West project remains the only proposal that uses innovative technology to deliver the needed capacity without causing massive disruption to residents or the environment.
  • We urge the Public Service Commission to follow the state’s own guidelines and choose the only project that protects the Hudson Valley’s environment and quality of life — Boundless Energy Leeds Path West.