Senate Hearing Testimony Affirms Importance of Rebuilding Existing Energy Infrastructure

For Immediate Release: May 22, 2015

Senate Hearing Testimony Affirms Importance of Rebuilding Existing Energy Infrastructure

Key testimony from this week's New York State Senate public hearing – “Update on the Energy Highway and Reforming the Energy Vision Initiatives” – affirmed the importance of using innovative new technology to rebuild the state’s existing energy infrastructure now, rather than charging customers twice to build new transmission lines without alleviating the need for future repairs.

  • Richard Kauffman, Chairman of NYSERDA, testified that: “Over the past 10 years, we have spent $17 billion just to maintain the system, and we're on track to spend another $30 billion over the next decade – again just to maintain the present system.”

  • Richard Dewey, executive vice president of the New York State Independent System Operator, testified that more than 80 percent of the state's transmission lines were built before 1980.

There are currently four proposals under consideration for upgrading New York’s energy highway. The three proposals submitted by large utilities would all require massive construction projects to build entirely new additions to the system, without addressing the need to modernize the existing electric grid. The non-utility Boundless Energy Leeds Path West proposal is the only one that will use new, innovative technology to upgrade the existing energy infrastructure – which will save consumers from the additional cost of building completely new transmission lines.

Boundless Energy CEO E. John Tompkins, said:

“This week's Senate hearing confirmed what Boundless Energy has been saying throughout this process. Building costly new and invasive projects makes no sense when for far less money we can achieve the same goals by improving the existing system. Among four proposals under consideration in the Hudson Valley, the Boundless Energy Leeds Path West project is the only one that delivers on the Governor's vision for a New York State Energy Highway without calling for massive and costly new construction.”


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