PoliticoNY: PSC Spokesman Admits that Project Remains an "Ongoing Competitive Process"

PoliticoNY reported on Boundless Energy's petition to the PSC "to rehear its proposal to upgrade transmission capacity in the Hudson Valley, which the state is now seeking to upgrade after years of bottlenecks. Boundless says its proposal would cause the least amount of disruption for Hudson Valley residents who have fought against the transmission upgrades." (www.capitalnewyork.com)

"The PSC’s arbitrary decision to eliminate the only proposal with no impact on the environment is completely unsupported by the applicable law, and it came at the end of a flawed process in which Department of Public Service staff repeatedly shifted the goal posts to favor their preferred developers. The PSC overstepped its bounds and we request a rehearing so each proposal can be judged fairly on the merits.

“In July 2015, after years of analysis, the DPS staff issued an interim report that focused on the environmental compatibility and beneficial Electric System impacts of reconductoring options in the Hudson Valley, and eliminated case P-11. Two months later, without explanation, the staff reversed itself on these key points and resurrected P-11 – enabling them to give preferential treatment to the large utilities over competing developers while ignoring the Boundless proposal for an expanded reconductoring project that would improve both Central East and UPNY-SENY.

“The Boundless Leeds Path West project is the most efficient and cost effective solution for delivering needed energy capacity while limiting impact on Hudson Valley residents and the environment. We remain confident that an unbiased review of all proposals by any objective standard will demonstrate that the Leeds Path West project is the best option for Hudson Valley residents, the environment, and New York energy consumers.” – Rod Lenfest, President, Boundless Energy

When pressed, a PSC spokesman admitted that “developers who were not selected remain free to participate in the ongoing competitive process.”