News Release Concerning Leeds Path West and Governor Cuomo's 2014 State of the State Address

News Release
For Immediate Release
January 16, 2014

Boundless Energy NE, LLC noted today that its plan is the only one of the four proposals currently before the Public Service Commission in its Alternating Current Transmission Upgrade proceeding which is fully compliant with the minimally intrusive “envelope” approach proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in “Building on Success” - the 2014 State of the State. The Governor proposed that the State look to expedite electric transmission projects built wholly within existing transmission “envelopes” (i.e., projects that do not result in higher or wider transmission corridors) or, are buried along existing State-owned rights of way. Governor Cuomo announced that the streamlined permitting process, to be administered by the Public Service Commission, will cut the time for deciding permit applications to ten months for projects that are entirely within transmission rights of way or State-owned rights of way.

Boundless Energy is one of four transmission developer groups which have proposed projects under Governor Cuomo’s Energy Highway Initiative. The Energy Highway Initiative proceeding is intended to upgrade a section of the transmission system which has the potential to bring a number of benefits to New York’s ratepayers, including enhanced system reliability, increased diversity in supply, and long - term benefits in terms of job growth.

The Boundless’ proposal has three major components, none of which call for new or expanded rights-of-way, nor new, heightened or expanded towers: an overhead portion which involves replacement of existing electric conductors with new-technology, highly efficient composite conductors; a new underground segment which will be built within an existing right-of-way, and then transition completely under the Hudson River using innovative drilling technology; and the installation of small unobtrusive smart grid devices within existing substations.

The Public Service Commission reported the goal of starting construction in 2014 at the time it commenced this proceeding.

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