Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Energy Highway Initiative identifies the far-reaching effects of the loss of power and calls for an unprecedented partnership between the public and private sectors to install up to 3,200 megawatts (MW) of new electric generation and transmission capacity. Essential among the 13 actions which make up the Initiative is the construction of alternating current transmission upgrades to increase the capability to move available power from upstate to downstate. Four transmission developers have submitted proposals to the New York State Public Service Commission (Commission), which is charged with carrying out this action. Boundless Energy NE, LLC (Boundless) submitted an application, along with the three other transmission developers, in October 2013.

The focus of the Commission in carrying out this action is the increase of transfer capability in an electric transmission corridor starting in Central New York and continuing eastward and southward towards Southeast New York. Boundless’ project focuses on the part of the corridor where electric transmission congestion can be eliminated with the least environmental impact. Increasing power transfer capability in the region targeted by Boundless will relieve power bottlenecks, lower prices and create opportunities for new renewable energy projects to be constructed throughout upstate New York.

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