Boundless Energy Submits Only Proposal that Modernizes Electricity System without Massive & Costly New Construction

For Immediate Release: May 8, 2015

Boundless Energy Submits Only Proposal that Modernizes Electricity System without Massive & Costly New Construction

Hudson Valley, NY – The Boundless Energy Leeds Path West project – one of four proposals under consideration for upgrading New York’s energy highway – this week submitted a response filing to the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Boundless plan is the only one that modernizes the existing electricity system without calling for massive new and costly construction projects.

“When there is already an identified need to invest $30 billion to modernize the existing infrastructure, it makes no sense to pass on even more cost to consumers to pay for additional new construction. Let’s upgrade what’s already in place before we go out and build a new project from scratch,” said Boundless Energy CEO E. John Tompkins. “Our latest filing once again affirms the Boundless Energy Leeds Path West project stands out for its highly innovative approach, while meeting the state’s goals for the Energy Highway at a lower cost.”

The latest filing was submitted in response to filings made in April by all four proposals. In its previous filing, Boundless Energy laid out its plan to deliver needed upgrades to the State’s energy infrastructure with minimal impact to residents of the Hudson Valley. Both filings can be found on the PSC’s website.

Building New York’s Energy Highway while Preserving Quality of Life

The Leeds Path West (LPW) proposal from Boundless Energy is the lowest cost alternative, delivering the requested capacity in a way that protects the quality of life for local communities and without impacting the environment or agricultural land.

  • Restoring New York’s Aging Energy Infrastructure: New York State will need to invest $30 billion over the next ten years to modernize its electric system, just to meet currently projected energy demands. The three competing proposals would all require massive construction projects that would force customers to pay twice – first to build new transmission lines, and then once again to address the aging infrastructure problem. The Boundless plan is the only one that addresses the critical need to restore the state’s aging energy infrastructure.

  • Storm Resiliency: Severe and damaging storms are becoming a more common occurrence, yet this known weakness in the region’s transmission system has been neglected for 20 years. The Boundless proposal is the only one that will improve the ability of the system to be more storm resilient, making sure the power will stay on during bad storm when we need it most.

  • Responsive to Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Initiative: For a lower cost than our leading competitors and with minimal construction impact to the region’s residents, businesses and agricultural lands, the Leeds Path West plan best solves the issue of modernizing and decongesting the state’s transmission system while providing a strong foundation for a REV-based future. Boundless uses innovative technologies to deliver the requested capacity, lower energy costs for consumers, and eliminate the need for the New Capacity Zone.


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