News Release
For Immediate Release
December 17, 2015

Albany, New York– Boundless Energy NE, LLC, one of four developers that proposed to upgrade New York’s energy highway, responded to today’s Public Service Commission action on upgrading AC Transmission in the Hudson Valley. The Public Service Commission held a hearing today on the proposed upgrades.

“Today’s recommendation by the PSC disregards the state’s own guidelines and blatantly ignores the needs of Hudson Valley residents and the environment. This flawed process has been clouded from the start by misinformation included in the Department’s staff report. DPS staff chose to clear the field of the only proposal with no impact on the environment, attempting to eliminate a no-impact option in favor of the staff’s preferred developers in advance of the Article 7 process.

“The Boundless Leads Path West project is the only proposal that follows state guidelines to deliver the needed capacity while limiting disruption to Hudson Valley residents and the environment.

“While we are disappointed by this flawed process, we are reviewing our options for a rehearing by the Commission and an appeal should that be necessary. We remain confident that an unbiased review of all proposals by any objective standard will demonstrate that the Leeds Path West project is the best option for Hudson Valley residents, the environment, and New York energy consumers.” — Rod Lenfest, President, Boundless Energy

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For more information, please contact:
Rodney L. Lenfest, President (860) 778-8047
E. John Tompkins, P.E., CEO & Chairman of the Board (860) 747-0497/