ATTENTION: Action Needed by June 30, 2016!

Our FERC Complaint was accepted, given a docket number, and a deadline set of June 30, 2016 for comments from the public, and all parties. See how you can help.

Boundless' Leeds Path West Project Overview

The proposed Boundless Leeds Path West Solution will increase electrical transmission capability from Upper New York to Southeast New York ("UPNY-SENY") area by more than 1,000 megawatts, adding enough capacity to power approximately 50,000 homes by:

  • Improving 59 miles of existing overhead transmission by replacing 29 miles of conductors with state-of-the-art graphite-composite conductors and Smart Grid components
  • Adding an environmentally-friendly underground transmission line which will be as much as 40 feet below the deepest part of the Hudson River at the Roseton crossing location, buried in bedrock safely below the beautiful Hudson River 

The proposed Boundless Leeds Path West Solution will satisfy these needs with:

  • NO changes to the existing rights of way of the transmission corridors.
  • NO new transmission towers.
  • NO visually discernible changes to the existing transmission lines.


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